The Villains UK

The Villains UK are " The Most Wanted Band On The Run ".  Based in South Wales.

A group of musicians who in their own words  -  " We don't really fit too well in the rest of the world, but We do fit together perfectly ".

" We're more than Brothers, all we ask and give to each other is everything" .

With influences from all Genres, & Era'sWhich they fuse together to create  a Unique Style that is:


It's been a busy year already for us,  After many years on the run together as a Band, We've decided it's about time the world got to hear The Villains.  As well as a new website, We have a YouTube Channel, FaceBook page, Twitter for random rants of wisdom.

You want More ?  OK !

We also have a TikTok & Sound-Cloud Page where well be uploading demo versions of sojme of our tunes.  And as soon we figure out how the Printer's Alarm system works We'll be flogging Villains Merchandise, But until then .......

" Stay Lucky & We'll See You On The Run in '23 " - The Villains UK

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We Came, We Smashed it, We ESCAPED AGAIN .......

3rd March 2023

The 147 Club,City Road, Cardiff.

The Villains were sighted.  Checkout The Footage.


We got a load of Villains Merch we ermmm... Found. Yeah Found.
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Want To Hang With The Villains Whilst We Jam?
FREE GIVEAWAY - Who wouldn't want a chance to go on the run & hangout with a bunch of Villains Like us ?

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